Coaching Mastery / Associate Certified Meta-Coach

Eight-Day Coaching Master Training

This advanced training module involves more than 180 hours of coach-specific education. It is ideal for those wanting to become a professional coach‚ or those committed to personal development and self-mastery.

Who should join? Meta-Coaching is for anyone who is passionate about supporting others in making permanent positive change, and who wants to be at the forefront of human development and cognitive science. Specifically, Meta-Coaching is ideal for:

  • Trainers, Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers and Individuals committed to personal development
  • Professionals in Human Resource Management
  • New and Experienced Coaches
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and managers

It also will equip you with cutting-edge skills and business strategies for coaching in any or all of the following coaching specialities.

Exective Coaching Coach CEOs‚ leaders and executives for optimum personal performance‚ motivational mastery‚ and outstanding business results.

Personal – Life Coaching Coach individuals to take charge of their lives and transform their career, relationships, health, personal development and spirtuality.

Organisational – Group Coaching Coach Groups of people to become high performing teams.

Self Coaching Apply NLP and NS coaching patterns to yourself for profound life transformation and personal mastery.


Achieve the Status of an ACMC (Associate Certified Meta-Coach) Everybody graduates in the course will receive the ACMC Certification as a Meta-Coach. The certificate is an International Certificate that associates you with a thousand other Meta-Coaches around the world

Certified trainer of Coaching Essentials and Coaching Genius Certificate course The graduates of completion for both ACMC and NLP Trainer (ISNS, International Society of Neuro-Semantic) could apply as a Certified trainer of Module I and II in Meta-Coach system authorized by ISNS

Supporting after Graduation As a certified Meta-Coach, you will receive ongoing support as you will be added to the exclusive Meta-Coach email group and receive articles from Dr. Michael Hall each week. It is a way to stay in touch with the other Meta-Coaches

Competency Benchmarks While the ICF and other Coach trainings also have “Coaching Skills,” Meta-Coaching is the first Coach Training System that has benchmarked the skills. You will also learn the Benchmarking Model and this will enable you to be able to set up measurements for individuals and organizations for measuring progress

Become a Self-Actualization Coach Meta-Coaching provides you the basics of Self-Actualization Psychology and training in how to facilitate the unleashing process for individuals, for leaders, managers and companies.

The Meta-Coach System

The Seven Models for Becoming A Coach

The NLP Communication Model It is obviously about communication as it specifies the variables of communication — the visual‚ auditory‚ kinesthetic‚ and language components. First you engage in self-communication which puts you in states so that then, from those states and the movies you play in your mind‚ you create your external communications. NLP gives the Communication Guideline:” The meaning of your communication is the response you get.” You never know what you’ve communicated; the response you get tells you what your verbal and non-verbal messages must have meant to the other person. NLP also opens a person’s eyes to all of the multiple dimensions of communication that goes on — to all the non-verbal messages.

The Meta-States Model The Meta-States Model introduces self-reflexive communication and the levels of your communications. It distinguishes the thoughts and messages that you have “in the front of your mind” that you say to others and the thoughts and messges “in the back of your mind” that create your frames of meaning which are more typically outside-of-consciousness. That’s why Meta-Questions powerfully help you explore your own frames as well as those of others — enabling you to get to the heart of things. With Meta–States‚ you can frame‚ reframe‚ and outframe and so communication with at higher levels of awareness.

The Axes of Change Model The Axes of Change Model provides the structure for transformative communication as you talk about your motivations and decisions regarding what you do. And when you want to change things‚ you communicate regarding the creation of your new idea and integrate as a new development in performance‚ person and identity‚ or direction. After all‚ a Professional Communicator is a change-agent. Here your conversation‚ whether with yourself or with others‚ powerfully influences and persuades the transformation. This Gives you a way to create new identities as well as new ways of operating in the world.

The Benchmarking Model The Benchmarking Model enables you to operationalize your communications. It facilitates the ability to talk specifically and in detail about conceptual ideas or intangible things like leadership‚ respect‚ listening‚ and other skills. By benchmarking behavioural equivalents of your concepts‚ you are empowered to operationalize your terms and talk in see-hear-feel behaviors. With the Benchmarking model you can now measure precisely what otherwise would be intangible concepts up in the air and seem fairy.

The Matrix Model The Matrix Model introduces the systemic nature of communication‚ the communciation loops and how both your process matrices (meaning‚ intention‚ and state) create and inform the content matrices (self‚ power‚ others‚ time‚ world) that you carry with you everywhere you go. Knowing the matrix of frames that governs your neuro-semantic states‚ you can now communicate to that matrix for maximum impact.

The Self-Actualization Quadrants It integrates communication of meaning with being able to communicate it in body and behavior. The Quadrants are built out of the two axes of meaning and performance that shows the pathway for synergizing and actualizing your highest and best. Via the quadrants you are able to optimize both dimensions and synergizing your highest meanings and meaningfulness embodying them in neurology for higher level performances. By communicating about these two dimensions‚ meaning and performance‚ the inside–and–outside variables of self-actualization‚ you can facilitate the embodying of your meanings in your physiology. This communication brings awareness to your highest meanings in actual behavior. And when you do that‚ you synergize your meaning-making powers to congruently walk your talk.

The Facilitation Model The Facilitation Model describes communication as a style which differs from the style you typically use when you tell‚ lecture‚ preach‚ story-tell‚ mind-read‚ judge‚ control‚ pontificate‚ etc. The facilitation model provides a style of communicating‚ verbally and non-verbally‚ that enables you to bring out the best in others. With facilitation skills‚ you can empower others to discover the critical ideas that enables them to own the ideas as their own. Facilitation is the art of elegant communication precisely because instead of imposing your ideas on others‚ you assist them to discover the ideas that work best for them.

Your authenticity as a coach

  • You’ll emerge with a sharp‚ highly focued understanding of yourself and your life aspirations.
  • Your highest abilities and individual powers will be thrown into sharp relief; you will discover the place from which you will excel—and be empowered to coach with and from this authenticity
  • You will learn how to cast off previous struggle and confusion about balancing life and work. You’ll find how to integrate training‚ consulting‚ counselling and mentoring in a truly congruent life path.

Your coaching skills and mastery

  • You’ll gain the credibility and confidence from a thorough grounding in the most advanced cognitive behavioural coaching models in the field‚ including the unique Matrix Model and the Axes of Change Models.
  • ACMC accreditation licenses you to use Meta-Coaching methodologies and patterns with your clients.
  • Facilitate extraordinary results for your clients — by knowing exactly what to do when in the coaching context.
  • Learn how to help clients create a Business Plan with a comprehensive yet simple planning methodology.
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your professional development is sustainable. You’ll learn advanced skills for benchmarking yourself and your clients for ongoing growth and development.

Your coaching business

  • Embark on the exhilarating journey toward your dream business. You’ll gain the confidence and skills to build a highly-successful coaching practice that reflects your values‚ professional ethics‚ and life ambitions.
  • Learn from people who are at the pinnacle of their profession. Fast-track your own business by hearing‚ questioning‚ and replicating the practices of four expert coaches as you ask them about their marketing strategies‚ invaluable contacts‚ even their business secrets.


Candidates* are required to complete the following courses before taking Associate Certified Meta-Coach.

Coaching Genius

*Candidates who are not yet Coaching Genius certified can also attend the Coaching Mastery Training. Qualified candidates will be awarded as ‘Professional Communciation Facilitator’ from ISNS.


Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) Certificate of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics will be awarded for the qualified candidates.

Course FounderDr. Michael Hall

L. Michael, with his doctorate in the Cognitive- Behavioral sciences, is a psychologist who is continuing the modeling of self-actualization that Abraham Maslow began. Beginning with his work in Cognitive Psychology, he discovered the field of NLP and worked for a while with the genius behind the NLP Model. Then Modeling resilience, he discovered the Meta-States model that became the most significant contribution to NLP in the 1990s. That led to the creation of the field of Neuro-Semantics and later, the creation of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Since the early 1990s, he has modeled leadership, learning, selling, wealth creation, and then coaching.

Feedback from candidates

“Meta-Coaching Represents all high caliber presenters who are actively involved in the profession, and who are a credit to the field … and very knowledgeable. Fantastic!”

Rhonda Coles, Career Coach, Sydney, Australia

Payment methods

  1. Full Payment upon enrollment
  2. 2-Installment Term – 30% 1st Installment upon enrollment – 70% 2nd Installment 2 weeks before starting of the course.

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